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Canadian FinTech Summit has a lot to teach about disruption, a lot to learn about diversity

While the audience seemed to be at least a quarter female, unfortunately, the all-day event was lacking: Angela Strange was, incredibly, the only woman to speak on stage during the day.


How To Know What Kind of Mortgage You Can Afford

When buying a house, it’s not how much you can pay every month; it’s how much you should pay if you’re being smart with your money. (sponsored)


Toronto-based BitGold launches merchant processing service in 150 countries

BitGold is the world’s only gold-based payments processing platform.


Funding Circle, Lending Club, and Prosper form trade association

The Marketplace Lending Association will advance the marketplace lending industry’s efforts to create a more transparent and efficient financial system.

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New Financial Investment Rules May Aid Robo Advisers

The new rules, announced on Wednesday, are expected to encourage a rush of retirement savings money to low-cost investments, something the robo advisers claim as their hallmark.


FinTech’s $138 billion opportunity

Comparatively little of this money has been focused on the $138 billion market opportunity to disrupt alternative financial services – unique challenges exist in FinTech that simply don’t exist in other markets.


NAB enlists VCs to run $50 million FinTech fund

National Australia Bank has appointed a pair of seasoned venture capital investors to run the rule over FinTech startups applying for a slice of its recently launched $50 million innovation fund.


Velocity director Mike Kirkup departing to pursue CTO role at Encircle

In an open letter on Velocity’s website, Kirkup announced his departure from the incubator on May 20 — when he’ll begin his CTO at Encircle.


‘If a Bank Did That, We’d Be Taken to the Woodshed’

Richard Hunt, president and CEO of the Consumer Bankers Association, predicts that most FinTech startups — 95% by his estimate — won’t make it.

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Douglas Soltys

Douglas Soltys

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