FounderFuel Brass Will Admit One Startup That Pitches Them At Startup Fest This Summer

Montreal startup accelerator FounderFuel will accept one startup into its next cohort while at this summer’s International Startup Festival.

“All you have to do is be one of the registered startups at the festival and pitch to us sometime throughout the 3 days,” wrote the accelerator on its blog.

FounderFuel is expected to name its new general manager within a few weeks, after its former GM Ian Jeffrey left to take on a position at PasswordBox.

Startups can pitch FounderFuel via a few different ways, including when they’ll be hanging out at the “Accelerator Tent”. Identifiable Real Ventures & FounderFuel members will be scouting out teams around the festival, which is another option, or startups can be one of the 12 companies pitching on the main stage at Startup Fest. 


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FounderFuel has made investments into 46 startups since launching in the fall of 2011, the most of any other Canadian accelerator. It recently finished up its fifth cohort, which took part in the 12-week journey. Startups receive $50,000 upfront cash for nine percent equity, as well as several other perks like the $150,000 convertible note from BDC and a second DemoDay in Silicon Valley.

FounderFuel claims that half of every cohort ends up raising “significant” funds after the program, typically between $600,000 and $1.5 million.

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