Former Nokia, Microsoft VP joins Thalmic as VP of engineering

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Thalmic announced today that Jari Niemela has joined the company as VP of engineering.

Niemela has spent 20 years in engineering leadership, having previously worked as VP of Lumia Product Program Deliver at Nokia and Microsoft. Niemela most recently acted as CEO of NUVIZ, a head up display for motorcycling.

In his new role, Niemela will oversee all aspects of engineering at Thalmic Labs, with a specific focus on hardware leadership. The company says that Niemela will play a critical role in driving forward Thalmic’s vision for technology that creating technology that fits the lives of humans, rather than the other way around.

“The team at Thalmic is talented, vibrant and incredibly ambitious,” said Niemela. “We share a similar outlook for the future of wearable technology and I’m excited to bring my experience to the table. When I joined Nokia many years ago and cellular technology was in its infancy, I saw endless potential. Today we’re at a similar crossroads for wearable technology. Once again, I see endless potential in the market.”

Thalmic has been quiet about what their next product is, though in late June, the company filed a patent describing hologram lenses.

“Jari’s engineering expertise will support our mission to create products that will amplify what it means to be human, creating technology that improves our lives, rather than taking us away from them” said Matthew Bailey, co-founder of Thalmic Labs. “He will be instrumental in providing strong leadership for our entire engineering team. Jari’s practical experience is exactly what we need to make our vision a reality.”

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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