Five essential types of content to showcase your tech company’s brand and attract talent

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Creating engaging and meaningful content is one of the most powerful ways to bring your company’s brand to life.

Content is what feeds the engine. It is the fuel. Without meaningful content, it’s harder for candidates to be attracted to a company and opt in or out of the hiring process. Put simply, without content, you can not tell your company’s story!

To attract the right candidates’ attention and turn potential hires into engaged employees, you need to create content that communicates who you are as an employer. So what are the most essential types of content you need to showcase your employer brand and attract talent?


The internet is flooded with content and people have less time and patience to consume information. Brands need to communicate as efficiently as possible; enter employee-focused videos.

Video is the most consumed type of content on the internet, so if you want to increase conversation and exposure, video is essential. In the right hands, an employee-focused video can transform into much more than an informational video. It can become a compelling piece of brand storytelling.

Whether you choose to go with a high quality-production video, a motion graphic animated video or a remote ‘Zoom’ style video, there are so many ways to create engaging video content. Check out some examples below:




Employee experiences matter. Whether it’s an employee testimonial, a rave review from a company review site, or a shoutout on social media, these all lend credibility to your employer brand by letting other people do the talking for you.

Your best company brand ambassadors are your employees. They are the most trusted source of truth about how your company works.

Your best company brand ambassadors are your employees. They are the most trusted source of truth about how your company works. Encourage them to share a compelling story about your company and help you recruit top talent.

If you are an HR professional or a leader trying to build an employer brand for a company, you can’t be everywhere at once. One tip is to reach out to your employees and ask them to capture content for you. This allows for a variety of authentic content from real people, which is perfect for social media feeds. It’s also a great way to boost engagement and employees usually love getting involved, so try to have fun with it!


Articles are a great way to deep dive into your company culture and highlight what your employees do and how they do it. Let your employees really shine and showcase their skills. Interview employees, do a Q & A, add real-life photos of your team, talk about your purpose, your passion, and what makes your company a great place to work.


Did you know that people remember images six times easier than text? So it is essential to add high-quality, humanizing images to your content when you can. Visuals can be really powerful and can help to give prospective hires an inside look into your workforce.

If you want to attract the best and brightest, bring them “into” the office before they apply. Show off your office space, teams, and events or any other peek behind the curtain to give people a real sense of your employer brand. With remote work being a reality due to COVID-19, you can still capture great team screenshots on Zoom.

BetaKit 5th Birthday Escape Room
Even a Zoom screenshot of your teams latest virtual escape room victory with minutes to spare can attract prospective hires to your company culture

Careers website

Companies can underestimate how important a careers page is. If a potential candidate has any questions about a company, they will often go straight to the company career page to investigate.

But it’s not as simple as sharing information about the company itself. Company career pages should be more than just a shop window for open roles. They give employers the chance to promote their workplace, share images and videos of their offices and employees, and describe any employee benefits they offer. And let’s not forget your EVP and company values.

If your careers page is not clear, concise, and filled with content, potential talent can quickly disengage, so now is a great time to review it and see what improvements you can make.

If you want to revamp your careers page, take a look at the following for inspiration:

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