Famebit Produced Over 1000 Videos, Paid Out Over $250K to Youtubers in July

Famebit, the startup facilitated the production company, have announced of over 1000 Youtube videos, paying out over $250,000 to influencers.

FameBit raised a $1.5 million seed round from Science500StartupsDeNAMachinima founder Allen DeBevoise and others in late June and has been on a role ever since.

According to TubeFilter, FameBit works with about 70 brands who often buy Youtube product placements or sponsored content in bulk. One example from that successful July might be Matthew Frederick’s Matthias channel, the winner of Internet Icon‘s second season, who teamed up with Dollar Shave Club for a comedy sketch about missing razors.

TubeFilter also mentioned that FameBit’s July videos generated 30 million views.

The company’s founder David Kierzkowski, who lead his team through Extreme Startups’ fourth cohort and later with 500 Startups as well, told me that when brands post an opportunity they usually receive 50-60 proposals within 48 hours. The amount of money that the influencer earns averages at $315, but “we have brands that will spend $10,000-15,000 on a video, it really all depends on the reach of the Youtubers,” he told BetaKit a few months ago.

Speaking of YouTube, the Canadian Film Centre (CFC) and the Buffer Festival recently launched the first ‘YouTube Industry Conference’.

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