Extreme Startups announces its Fifth Cohort includes Dubb, Fora, Hurrier, Preo and Uplette

Toronto’s Extreme Startups announced five new companies to enter their Spring 2014 Cohort (Cohort 5). According to managing director Marcus Daniels, it’s about “throwing them into the fire” and helping them build their business.

The five startups are Dubb, Fora, Hurrier, Preo and Uplette and they will be participating in Extreme’s new “Advanced Track” and be given a $30,000 seed investment and will run until June 2014.

Dubb is a simple and secure way to reach social and professional contacts. Tag contacts, search tags and expand your network through the friends you trust. Dubb helps you discover exactly who you are looking for.


Fora is a curated marketplace of online courses and degree programs for young professionals in Africa accredited by top universities and professional organizations in Europe and North America. The platform empowers young African professionals to gain new knowledge and credentials that will help them raise their incomes and contribute to their fast growing economies.

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Hurrier unlocks local commerce by providing online and mobile access to on- demand delivery. Hurrier’s platform connects buyers, sellers and couriers.

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Preo is a way to order food and drinks at bars, clubs, restaurants and coffee shops. A patent-pending system allows staff to serve guests in one step by pulling a receipt ticket. This doubles efficiency for staff, and increases customer satisfaction for guests.

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InnoHub Uplette delivers personalized and context-aware mobile landing pages directly to any consumer device. Powered by an  analytics engine, unified user profiles, and feedback loop, marketers analyze performance and optimize their campaigns in real-time.

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We detailed Extreme Startups in our Accelerator Series a few weeks ago and Daniels spoke about building Extreme and the businesses it supports into a global player, stating that “we want to be the best at something in the world. And we’re not benchmarking ourselves against just Canadian accelerators; if all the top accelerators [in the world] have that level of ambition, it will be better for the ecosystem.”


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