Employer must-haves to attract and retain talent in 2021

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Employer branding has experienced some monumental shifts in the last year as companies have had to adapt quickly in order to keep running. The following must-haves will help you ensure a solid employer brand strategy for the year ahead.

Re-evaluate your values and EVP

A crisis like COVID-19 is a decisive test for any organization’s purpose, values, and Employer Value Proposition. A lot has changed for companies in the last year, from where their employees are working to the work they are doing, so it makes sense that your EVP would change as well.

Now is the perfect time to review your values and offerings, and ask what areas need improving or evolving. Values shape your employees’ priorities, and a strong EVP will attract and keep the best employees. As Laura Lenz of OMERS Ventures recently mentioned during a BetaKit Live, talent acquisition and retention “are the number one priority” for Canadian tech. Identify what matters most to your teams and build it into your DNA.

Showcase your culture and values through your people

Bullet point values can read as empty words to prospective talent, so share stories instead! Writing about a day in the life of an employee at your company can paint a picture of what a role entails, or highlight the ways you support your staff as they work from home (or the office, or a hybrid of the two).

The best brand ambassadors are your employees; they are the most trusted source of information about your company, so encourage them to share their stories on social media and do the same by highlighting them on your own channels.

Remote Culture

Tech companies globally have had to make the switch to remote working, and while that switch may provide benefits (no commuting!), the lack of in-person engagement has come at the cost of company culture for many. Businesses went from having town halls and lunches together in the office to virtual meetings and heavy reliance on communications platforms. The energy and conversations once shared while getting a cup of coffee have become scheduled and planned virtual conversations instead, taking with them spontaneity and earnest connection.

This change has caused engagement to be at an all-time low, despite being a top priority for employers and HR leaders alike. Maintaining a highly engaged and enthusiastic workforce is a critical part of keeping company culture alive and retaining top talent.

Invest in internal engagement and culture programs, mentoring programs, and reward programs, and listen to your employees when they come to you with asks.

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