Emoji soundtrack for your life? There’s an app for that

A new music app Strings.fm creates the soundtrack to your life with music, colours, and emoji.

Based on a smart mood-learning algorithm, Strings.fm recommends songs for your playlist. Just pick your emoji and listen to the songs that suit how you’re feeling at that moment. Or browse through other users’ mood-based playlists.

Strings.fm uses Echo Nest, algorithm-based music recommendation engine that was recently acuired by Spotify, and takes it to the next level with emoji.

“It’s like Tinder for music. You find songs that are a perfect match for how you’re feeling, without filtering through millions of songs. You’re capturing the moment in time, without losing it to tagging, searching, categorizing,” Andrew Konoff, CEO and Founder of Strings.fm told BetaKit. “With this app, I just wanted to give people a new way to create memories, and make playlists very simple.”

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When Konoff decided to make Strings.fm, he went ahead and learned Python and Objective-C for iOS from scratch. Now that the app has launched, he feels in his element as a marketer by trade. “As a marketer, having empathy for people who use my app is deeply necessary for my product to succeed,” he says. Where is all this passion coming from? As a fiddle player, Konoff loved playing celtic music and jazz, and used to spend lot of time in music communities online, thinking about how people use music for self-expression. Konoff calls music a true time machine. “A decade ago, we used to share mixtapes, CDs. I recently discovered a tape I made in grade 12. As soon as I started listening to it, I was transported back in time, back in my old car, driving around with my buddies through Saskatoon, getting fast food. It just felt very special. My main motivation is to help people connect through music.”

Emoji and music. Internet, what took you so long.


Elena Yunusov

Elena Yunusov works at the intersection of digital communications and experience design. She is known in Toronto’s startup community as a HoHoTO & Toronto Maker Faire co-organizer. She likes coffee, robots, and wearable tech.

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