Edusight launches Magic platform with three Ontario-based school districts


Toronto-based Edusight, a gradebook and portfolio platform for teachers and students to capture student learning, announced the launch of its Edusight Magic tool in partnership with three Ontario-based school districts.

Before launching Magic, the company offered its free Classroom tool, which allows teachers to track students’ learning with notes, photos, audio, and videos in the classroom. Teachers can also combine this data with grades.

Edusight Magic will work with this data to act as a collaborative analytics tool and allow K-12 schools to understand how their students learn. Edusight will provide each school district with their own data analyst, called an advisor, to analyze and interpret the data gathered by teachers using the classroom portfolio tool.

“We built a comprehensive product to help individual teachers make changes in the classroom, and through beta testing saw an opportunity to extend this to decision makers. Edusight Magic allows us to leverage the real-time insights we’re gathering at the classroom level to address these systemic challenges and serve school district needs,” said Vikram Somasundaram, co-founder and CEO of Edusight. “Finding answers in data that’s out-of-date and scattered across multiple sources is a nightmare for school district administrators. We find these answers for administrators so they can focus on improving student learning.”

Magic will integrate into each school district’s student information system, and will present key results with recommendations tailored to the administrators based on previously-discussed priorities and objectives. Any constant metric or data administrators want to see will be backed into the reports and updated regularly. Magic will be used in three school districts including the District School Board of Niagara.

“We’re excited about the launch of Edusight Magic. The use of real-time data provides early indicators that can improve our understanding of our students’ performance,” said Dino Miele, Chief Information and Innovation Officer, District School Board of Niagara. “Data products we use today involve a lot of work from our administrative team before we get value. Edusight Magic provides us with a dedicated advisor who knows our needs and can give us answers in real-time, and this hands-on approach is something other platforms don’t offer.”

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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