dubdub pitches “shoppable” video creation platform on #TheDisruptors

Toronto-based dubdub, one of the latest pitches on The Disruptors wants to give people a way to monetize video content.

dubdub has created a mobile video creation platform that allows users to shoot and share professional quality videos with royalty-free music and text available for use. The company also allows creators to add “shoppable” product tags within videos, which viewers can click on to find out more information about a given product.

Zbigniew Barwicz, the president and CEO of dubdub, said this capability turns video creators into sales people. He believes that the problem dubdub is solving is “the change in the marketplace,” as millennials engage more with information in a video rather than text.

“Millennials do want to see peer-to-peer recommendations,” said Barwicz. “They are engaging 70 percent more with any information that is done through videos.”

Co-host Bruce Croxon said dubdub “looks like they have some pretty effective short infomercials.” He added that the company is “on trend” as it is disrupting the brick-and-mortar experience through digital product advertising that often takes place on social media platforms like Instagram.

dubdub was among the startups that pitched at Dx3’s first-ever Retail Innovation Challenge.

Watch the full pitch below:

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