#DisruptorsPitch contest winner HiMama is the Slack for daycares and parents

Last week, BNN’s The Disruptors made an open call for startups in its pitch contest, challenging companies to use social media to explain how they are disruptors.

The winner was officially unveiled to be Toronto-based HiMama, a communication platform for daycare providers and parents.

HiMama’s mobile platform allows caregivers to record and share children’s activities, such as developmental milestones, to parents. Parents get real-time updates,including photos, videos, and SMS, through HiMama’s mobile apps. The company says that over 60 million moments have been shared through HiMama.

“Communication from daycares is often limited to a brief conversation with a staff member or maybe a handwritten report at the end of the day. Neither of which help when you’re wondering how your child is doing while at work,” said Ron Spreeuwenberg, CEO of HiMama.

Co-host Bruce Croxon said that, as a parent, he could relate to wanting to capture as many moments of his children as possible. “But thinking about my parents watching this show, and a service that has us checking in on our little ones going to the bathroom!” However, he didn’t doubt that it was a huge market.

Co-host Amber Kanwar said that her mother, who is an entrepreneur, would often get asked by people if she was afraid of missing her childrens’ milestones. “She always responded their first word or first step is when I see it.”

Watch the whole pitch below:

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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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