#DisruptMining announces Acoustic Zoom as winner of potential $1 million contract

Disrupt Mining

Goldcorp has announced the winner of Disrupt Mining 2018, a challenge that calls for innovators in the mining space to pitch and compete for investment.

Out of four finalists, Acoustic Zoom took the top prize for building a platform that offers ultra high-frequency 3D drill hole seismic imaging. Targeted to the mineral exploration industry, Acoustic Zoom maps complex geological formations deep within the earth’s micro-structure.

The team will have the opportunity to negotiate up to $1 million in investment for a proof of concept at one of Goldcorp’s mines or direct investment in the winning technologies. However, the competition notes that investment may be allocated among two or more finalists, and that the exact amount of investment could vary. The other finalists include EnviroLeach, Llamazoo, and Open Mineral.

“Our vision is to give confidence to investors by augmenting the value of drill results using our innovative acoustic technology,” said Jacques Guigné, CEO and chief scientist professor of Acoustic Zoom. “Our technology maps deep within the earth’s microstructure, helping exploration teams drill smarter, guide planning and achieve investment value quick. We are thrilled that Goldcorp and the judging panel of industry titans sees this value and champions our vision.”

CEO David Garafalo announced that net proceeds of $230,000 from the #DisurptMining live finale will be granted toward mining, innovation, and technology scholarships to the University of British Columbia over the next three years. Goldcorp and KPMG also announced a $100,000 pledge to HEROS hockey program, which helps at-risk youth participate in hockey programs.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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