Diply’s Kirstine Stewart, MaRS IaF’s Michelle McBane among speakers at TribalScale’s TakeOver Conference

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In October, TribalScale is hosting its first TakeOver Innovation Conference, which is dedicated to discussing how technology is driving every company’s innovation agenda.

Six hundred digital transformation executives, investors, and entrepreneurs are expected to listen in on sectors like artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, and virtual reality. Confirmed speakers at the conference include Michelle McBane, director of MaRS IAF; Kirstine Stewart, chief strategy officer at Diply; and Chaki Ng, VR and Innovation Executive at Viacom.

“Every company is focused on innovation, regardless of whether it’s built into their DNA, or if they’re being forced to innovate to stay ahead of their competition,” said Sheetal Jaitly, CEO of TribalScale. “We’re launching TakeOver to bring the most innovative minds in technology together for one day to talk about what’s next, and to set out an agenda for actually implementing change within their organizations.”

TakeOver also has diversity mandate, with a commitment to equal representation from women and speakers, and a commitment to being inclusive for speakers and attendees.

TribalScale giving out five TakeOver Diversity Scholarships valued at up to $2,000 each to help cover the cost of attendance. The awards will be given out to conference attendees who identify as, but are not limited to, women, members of the LGBTQ community, individuals with disabilities, and visible minorities.

Applications are open on the TakeOver website.

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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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