Decentral launches initiative to encourage collaboration in building Canada’s FinTech ecosystem


Toronto-based Decentral, which acts as a hub for disruptive technologies by offering blockchain consulting services and FinTech expertise, is seeking financial professionals as it launches Accelerate Finance.

Accelerate Finance is meant to act as an organization facilitating collaboration between financial institutions and FinTech startups, and will work to develop actionable recommendations that modernize Canadian regulatory frameworks for FinTech disruption. Areas of focus for the organization include banking and insurance, compliance and settlement, digital currencies and mobile transactions, peer-to-peer lending, social investing and equity crowdfunding, micropayments, digital wallets, and identity and authentication management.

“Decentral stands at the intersection of disruptive technology, FinTech, and finance. Our consultancy work with startups, enterprise clients and banks means we understand how to find common ground and foster meaningful collaboration. We are pleased to apply our expertise to the national stage with Accelerate Finance,” said Anthony Di Iorio, CEO of Decentral.

TMX Group, whose companies include Toronto Stock Exchange, CDS, and Montreal Exchange, is acting as a founding sponsor. “We are very focused on ensuring that we are an innovative TMX in a Canada that is a global leader in innovation. This initiative will help drive that idea,” said Jean R. Desgagné, president and CEO of Global Enterprise Services at TMX.

Accelerate Finance is currently taking applications for potential members, as well as candidates for its Advisory Board. The Advisory Board will be participating in the applicant review process to ensure the creation of a comperehensive, FinTech-friendly national strategy.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

Freelance tech writer. Former BetaKit News Editor.

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