Cybersecurity platform HYAS raises $6.2 million Series A led by Microsoft’s M12 fund

Victoria-based HYAS, which develops intelligence tools to help InfoSec and cybersecurity professionals identify threats and cybercriminals, has raised a $6.2 million Series A led by Microsoft’s Venture Fund M12. Startup Capital Ventures, 205 Capital, Wesley Clover, and cybersecurity professionals Tim Eades and Tom Noonan also participated in the round.

Founded by Chris Davis, HYAS’ has developed Comox, an attribution intelligence platform that allows users to access threat indicators. The platform provides visibility for analysts, threat researchers, and investigators who can search and cross-reference proprietary data about cybercrime indicators. The company’s goal is to help its users increase the accuracy of their findings and quickly respond to threats.

“HYAS is going beyond threat detection and providing the attribution tools required to actually identify and prosecute cybercriminals.”
– Matthew Goldstein, partner, M12

“Every industry professional today is facing unrelenting adversaries. At HYAS we have dedicated ourselves to helping them finally put their attackers on the back foot,” said Davis. “Our Comox platform allows enterprises to see the unseeable. It’s like X-ray vision for cybersecurity professionals. With the release of our next generation of products, these capabilities will grow significantly.”

HYAS plans to use the funding to continue developing its current products and services, as well as introduce new technology that provides real-time visibility and attribution of attacks and breaches across networks.

“HYAS is going beyond threat detection and providing the attribution tools required to actually identify and prosecute cybercriminals,” said Matthew Goldstein, a partner at M12. “Their approach is wholly unique, as are the results, and customers are already responding aggressively. Widespread adoption of Comox and subsequent products will help take bad actors off the internet, and lead to an overall decrease in cybercrime globally.”

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Amira Zubairi

Amira Zubairi

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