Curate Mobile acquires JUICE Mobile adtech firm

Toronto-based media buying company Curate Mobile has announced the acquisition of JUICE Mobile, Canada’s only TAG “Certified Against Fraud” mobile marketing and adtech firm.

The acquisition takes effect January 1, 2019. This is the first acquisition in Curate Mobile’s three-year history.

“In such an extremely competitive mobile landscape, agencies and advertisers demand direct and fully transparent inventory. We’re proud to add the JUICE Mobile team’s DSP and DMP into our growing proprietary ad stack,” said Marc Porcelli, founder and CEO of Curate Mobile. “We’re now a player in the DSP industry providing instant transparency, scale and control, while also offering additional forms of service to our clients. Specifically, Curate aims to bridge the gap between branding and performance, creating a true holistic mobile growth solution.”

Curate Mobile’s platform is targeted to advertisers looking to boost user value or increase brand awareness on mobile. By leveraging existing and new clients under the Curate Mobile umbrella, the expanded company will offer more precise and targeted mobile programmatic adbuy solutions for agencies, brands, and publishers. The company will also use performance-based machine learning and proprietary learning algorithms to optimize bidding behaviours towards a range of campaign goals by making billions of automated performance decisions on a daily basis.

“Curate Mobile receives billions of mobile event data across thousands of applications. This, coupled with JUICE Mobile’s hypertargeting, direct inventory, and proprietary machine learning algorithms, yields a synergistic effect for our collective clients,” said Rocky Appiah, Curate Mobile’s chief technology officer. “Add in Curate’s proprietary real-time fraud detection system, with built-in yield management that focuses on client specific KPIs, and you have a very unique and compelling value proposition.”

“We now have the opportunity to drive performance-based brand metrics and tell a complete mobile story that motivates consumers,” said JUICE Mobile Senior Director of Engineering Matt Gostick. “Programmatic can be used to optimize campaigns more easily as a result. The technological gains from this acquisition will help further the way online advertising is bought and sold through efficiency coupled with the visibility and control of direct sales.”

Caitlin Hotchkiss

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