Communitech HYPERDRIVE Cohort 4 announced: BitHound, Clipter, Structur3D Printing, Wagepoint and Weston Expressions

Communitech announced the new HYPERDIVE cohort companies today — now officially known as Cohort 4 — and these 5 new startups are the second group to be engaged with their 6-month accelerator program. The first 3 months will be a sprint that concludes in a Demo Day that could possibly see a potential investment of $150,000, followed by a 3-month focus on sales and marketing and an additional Demo Day in Toronto.

To-date, HYPERDRIVE has accepted over 30 companies to its program and have successfully raised well over $3.7 million. The new breed of startups consists of BitHound, Clipter, Structur3D Printing, Wagepoint and Weston Expressions. Here’s a complete look at who they are and a short video intro:

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Bithound says it’s not hard to write code. It’s hard to write great, high-quality, maintainable software. Right now, there’s no way to truly tell the difference between bad code and great code. bitHound provides static, real-time and predictive analysis on any codebase to help developers, managers and executives alike build the best software possible, every day.

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Clipter is a mobile app that enables friends to use collaborative video to broadcast an experience as it evolves. As an app that is sure to please, stay tuned for more fun from Clipter.

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Structrur3D Printing are materials scientists who have developed a universal paste extruder that can retrofit many existing 3D printers. They plan to sell their product initially into high-end B2B markets, followed by mass B2C markets.

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Wagepoint Pay is a fun and friendly payroll app for small businesses – with all the perks and none of the drama. Their mission is to help small and medium sized businesses make work fun while getting things accomplished. Wagepoint helps bring your work to life.

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WestonExpressions Inc. is an early-stage technology business that provides hardware and software innovations for the out-of-home advertisement industry, focusing in digital signage, mobile communications and data collection. By combining the related technologies into a simple plug-and-play device called Linkett, the company produces online-type advertisement metrics for any digital display.


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