Collage says all-in-one platform makes HR and benefits easy for any business


Collage says every employee in Canada should have benefits, and their platform is working to make that to happen.

On The Disruptors, Collage CEO and co-founder Elijah Moore explained the value of the free HR and benefits platform for small Canadian businesses. Collage’s software takes care of hours of paperwork by tracking vacation balances, onboarding new employees, and coordinating performance management.

The company is also a licensed insurance broker, and receives commissions from insurance companies for helping businesses buy and manage a benefits plan. Because of these commissions, any company can use Collage’s HR plan whether they have benefits or not.

“Collage is really disruptive in a massive market. Employee benefits is a $38 billion per year market in Canada alone,” said Moore.

Co-hosts Amber Kanwar and Bruce Croxon said that Collage is certainly fulfilling a need for small businesses. “If you’re a small business trying to attract talent, I mean, it’s a negative if you’re not able to offer some kind of benefits coverage,” said Kanwar.

In early February, Collage raised $5 million from Diagram to continue product development of its all-in-one platform.

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