Code for Canada recruiting for 10 month fellowship program, expands to Calgary

Code for Canada has announced it is looking for applicants for its annual fellowship program, expanding for the first time into western Canada.

Code for Canada is looking for full-stack software developers, UX design researchers, and product managers to work on assignments with the government for its 10-month fellowship. It is hiring 12 fellows to work with special project teams and public sector staff.

The organization was launched in April 2017 as a national non-profit, and connects the government with tech and design experts to produce more efficient digital public services.

Code for Canada has announced it is looking for full-stack software developers, UX design researchers, and product managers.

This year’s fellows will be working with the Public Health Agency of Canada, Public Services and Procurement Canada in Ottawa, Toronto’s Shelter Support and Housing Administration, and at the first western Canada fellowship with the National Energy Board in Calgary.

Previous fellowship ministries and departments include Veterans Affairs Canada, Ontario’s Ministry of Training, and Toronto Transportation Services.

“This is a unique opportunity for talented tech professionals to gain invaluable experience, mentorship, and networking opportunities that will make them better positioned for their next career move, whether it be in the private or public sector,” said Code for Canada’s executive director, Gabe Sawhney. “Fellows are able to explore a career in the public service, and use their skills to give back to society—it’s a win-win.”

Applications for Code for Canada’s 2019 fellowship program are open, and applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until Feb 8. Fellows will receive an annual salary of $75,000, pro-rated to 10 months.

“The fellowship is only ten months long, which gives us a lot of urgency in our work,” said current fellow Andrew Konoff, who is working on the City of Toronto’s Vision Zero Road Safety Plan. “We’ve got a limited amount of time to create something lasting, and that meets real needs of real people.”

Training begins in May 2019, and fellows will work from June 2019 to March 2020.

Sera Wong

Sera Wong

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