Can’t make the Startup Train to Startupfest? Try the Cannabus instead


For those who can’t make the Startup Train from for Startupfest, Toronto-based cannabis entrepreneurs are in luck: Startupfest and several partners are hosting the ‘Cannabus’ with conference speakers, media, and startups.

Startupfest and HelloMD, its partner in the four-day festival’s CannabisFest, as well as Ample Organics and Pistil, are hosting the bus. The Cannabus departs July 9 from downtown Toronto. Ticket-holders will get a ride back to Toronto on July 11 following CannabisFest.

“Normalizing cannabis and the industry behind it is key to creating opportunities going forward,” said Larry Lisser, a founding team member of HelloMD. “Entrepreneurs need to collaborate and support one another as we charge ahead into uncharted waters. What better way to foster this than to put a bunch of them together on a bus headed to the inaugural CannabisFest. I can’t wait to see what they come up with along the way.”

Cannabus tickets can be purchased on the Startupfest website here for $199 (which includes travel and an event pass). Bus-only tickets can be purchased upon request.

Startupfest takes place from July 10 to July 14, and last year’s event attracted 5,500 attendees.