Canadian startup news of the week (12/13/20)

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Top Stories of the Week

Minister Bains says orgs committed to diversity will get "preferential access to government programming"(BETAKIT)

“My view is corporate Canada should look like Canada,” Minister Bains told BetaKit.

Former Koho CTO, head of Uber Money launch new FinTech startup with $15.8 million CAD seed round(BETAKIT)

“It was immediately obvious that the company was uniquely positioned to unlock real value in the ecosystem.”

Pilots over pitches: how to accelerate growth through corporate-startup collaboration(BETAKIT)

A great pitch can win a competition, but turning that talk into something tangible is still a challenge for both the startups pitching and the large companies looking for innovation.

Latest Funding, Acquisitions, and Layoffs

  • PointClickCare to acquire Collective Medical (Read here)

  • raises $30M (Read here)

  • Potloc closes additional $7M in Series A funding (Read here)

  • Aifred Health closes $4M in seed financing (Read here)

  • Kenota Health raises $9M in Series A funding (Read here)

  • Indiegraf wins $100,000 grand prize in Spring Activator’s 2020 Impact Investor Challenge (Read here)


Why San Francisco-based VC Hustle Fund Is Betting Big on Canada

“At Hustle Fund, we’re convinced that Canada is positioned well to produce some of the largest, category-defining companies on the planet. We’re eager to fund these companies, and excited to partner with Hockeystick to identify these opportunities!” – Eric Bahn (General Partner)

Since launch, Hockeystick has made over 6000 funder recommendations to Canadian startups. Learn how startups are using technology to meet funders around the world.

AppDirect megadeal casts long shadow over Montréal startup funding in Q3 2020(BETAKIT)

Following a record-setting Q2, total tech funding in Montréal was propped up by one megadeal into a locally-born but now US-headquartered e-commerce startup, according to the BDO Hockeystick Montréal Tech Report.


Having tracked the collision of healthcare, technology, and the Black Swan version of normal in 2020, we thought we’d unpack what we can expect for Canadian healthcare in 2021.


The big national news last week was the federal government appointing a general to oversee the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine. The details of that rollout are a little scarce, but there are a few things we know, at the time of publishing.

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