Canadian startup news of the week (07/28/19)

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Top Stories of the Week

Canadian VCs caught flat-footed by "insane" changes in US investment regulation(BETAKIT)

“If every opportunity has to be approved … it’s actually affecting founders adversely. Putting barriers is just increasing friction. It’s just going to be a lose-lose for everyone.”

Ample Organics makes layoffs as capital dries up in Canadian cannabis industry(BETAKIT)

Toronto-based cannabis software startup Ample Organics has made company-wide layoffs, reducing its staff by around 16 percent, BetaKit has learned.

Toronto one of top three North American markets for tech talent(BETAKIT)

In a new report released by CBRE, Toronto rose in rankings to become one of the top three markets in North America for tech talent.

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Startup Milestones

  • Simon Fraser University receives $3M in funding (Read here)

  • Venn Innovation receives additional $475,000 from the federal government (Read here)

  • Set Scouter acquires its US competitor (Read here)

  • Wisely raises $1.5M seed round (Read here)

  • raises $2M in growth capital (Read here)

  • Veühub raises $2M to scale (Read here)

  • FlipGive raises $5M Series A (Read here)

  • Ratio.City raises $1M seed round (Read here)

  • Canadian Agri-Food Automation and Intelligence Network receives $49.5M (Read here)

  • Canadian Food Innovators Network receives $30 million from federal government (Read here)

Must Reads

Five Canadian cities with highest volume of investment dollars and deals in 2018(BETAKIT)

PwC broke down the Canadian cities that saw the highest volume of dollars and deals in 2018: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec City, and Calgary.

Ask an Investor: How can I create optionality after I get an acquisition offer?(BETAKIT)

No matter what stage your business is in, optionality is something you can be proactively driving towards before an acquisition comes your way.

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