Canadian startup news of the week (06/29/09)

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Top Stories of the Week

Ann Cavoukian still has problems with Sidewalk Labs’ approach to data with Quayside(BETAKIT)

“You cannot have freedom and liberty without a solid foundation of privacy. If you value that, you have to go to great lengths to protect that.”

Waterfront Toronto raises concerns as Sidewalk Labs releases Quayside master plan(BETAKIT)

“Personally, I am uninterested in debating the merits of what the content of this proposal is. The proposal is theatre,” said founding #BlockSidewalk member Saadia Muzaffar.

Sidewalk Labs master plan includes $20 million CAD in venture funding, space for startups(BETAKIT0

Sidewalk Labs would invest $10 million to establish a new venture fund for Toronto and Ontario-based startups.

Bird to launch dockless e-scooter in Canada this summer(BETAKIT)

Bird will launch in Alberta in July and plans to expand its fleet of e-scooters and other commuter solutions to other communities across Canada soon after.

Startup Milestones

Must Reads

Five Canadian cities with highest volume of investment dollars and deals in 2018(BETAKIT)

PwC broke down the Canadian cities that saw the highest volume of dollars and deals in 2018: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec City, and Calgary.

Ask an Investor: How can I create optionality after I get an acquisition offer?(BETAKIT)

No matter what stage your business is in, optionality is something you can be proactively driving towards before an acquisition comes your way.

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