Bnotions Spinoff Company Wins Facebook Innovation Award for Mobile Apps

A Canadian company has struck gold with one of Silicon Valley’s finest.

Facebook has a twice-yearly competition where it invites its “preferred marketing developers” to submit their most innovative ideas to change Facebook’s core advertising solutions.

On Monday Toronto’s Bnotions, and its “Gallop Labs” spinoff company won the Mobile App Advertising award with the Facebook Innovation Awards.

Facebook awarded the honour to the Gallop Labs platform, whose targeting and optimization engine aims to “turn marketers into data scientists.” Gallop helps mobile publishers find and optimize the most valuable users for their applications. Harnessing the immense reach of the Facebook ads platform, Gallop uses a combination of algorithms to “intelligently target, acquire, engage, and optimize” the right users for the right apps.

Moreover, the Bnotions said the tool gives marketers “unprecedented visibility” into campaigns by offering automated, decisive insights that can be actioned in real time. It is one of the only platforms targeting based on in-app behavioral data at the API-integration level and optimizing based on post-install metrics.

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“We are honored by this recognition from Facebook,” said Bnotions’ Alkarim Nasser. “In our work building mobile products for our clients, we have firsthand knowledge of the ways in which digital advertising campaigns often fail to drive awareness and growth upon launch. Gallop Labs is our way of taking matters into our own hands. We knew focusing on data and analytics was the key to success, so working with the Facebook ads API was crucial, as no other channel is as targeted, trackable, or profitable.”

Bnotions cant quite be labelled a “startup” anymore. It recently landed on the 2014 PROFIT 500 annual list of Canada’s fastest-growing companies, taking 16th spot. The company grew by 2,760 percent in revenue growth between 2008 and 2013. Bnotions is a mobile strategy, data & analytics innovation firm and its 50 employees helped it rake in between $5 and $9.9 million in 2013.

Incubated as an in-house project by Bnotions, a Mobile, Data, and Analytics Firm, the Gallop Labs team continues to grow. The company lists companies like Kobo, The New York Times, Royal Bank of Canada, and Rithm as clients, and intelligently targets and grow their user bases. Bryan Friedman, cofounder of Rithm, said that “using the Gallop Labs platform we’ve seen a direct and measurable increase in some of the core user metrics that drive our business. We are building a stronger community of app users, which is a fundamental objective of our business.”

“Gallop Labs is bringing to market the first mobile marketing automation platform, which leverages our unique blend of data science algorithms, driven by user data and prescriptive recommendations,” said Gallop Labs founder Karthik Ramakrishnan. “The platform surfaces insights that are actionable and allow mobile publishers to take the guess work out of growth hacking, delivering increased ROI and efficient ad spends. Our mobile expertise and mobile-first platform puts us in the unique position to help our clients galvanize their marketing efforts.”

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