BetaKit Live with Mastercard Canada: Emerging tech’s impact on financial innovation

BetaKit Live: Mastercard
Join BetaKit and Mastercard Canada on March 27 for a fireside chat on X, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

The newest waves in tech, spanning artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and biometric technology, are set to transform a wide range of industries, requiring businesses to adapt quickly to keep their competitive edge.

Notably, many of these advancements are converging in commerce, poised to dramatically change how payments, banking, and financial services are managed, delivered, and safeguarded.

To explore all of these shifts, BetaKit is happy to present an upcoming livestreamed discussion featuring insights from Darrell MacMullin, Mastercard Canada’s SVP of Product and Solutions, hosted by BetaKit editor-in-chief Douglas Soltys. 

During this fireside conversation on March 27, MacMullin will discuss how emerging tech, open banking, and evolving cybersecurity challenges are set to impact the future of financial innovation.

This BetaKit Live is presented by Mastercard Canada and will be streamed simultaneously to X, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Emerging tech’s impact on financial innovation

When: March 27, 2024 at 1:00PM-2:00PM EDT
Where: X, LinkedIn, YouTube
Speakers: Darrell MacMullin (SVP Product and Solutions, Mastercard Canada) and Douglas Soltys (Editor-in-Chief, BetaKit)


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