BEST Funds Makes a $3 Million Bet on Mobile Sales Tool

Oakville-based mobile sales technology company Skura Corporation has received $3 million in venture capital funding from Toronto’s BEST Funds.

Skura, which also has offices in Bridgewater, New Jersey and outside of London, England, is a next-generation “mobile sales enablement platform”. Essentially, the company hooks its customers up with tablets and provides a host of solutions including client relationship management, content management, predictive analysis, and much more.

“With the astounding adoption of mobile technologies in recent years, there is a significant opportunity to help field sales teams to better leverage this technology in the sales process,” said founder Chris Skura. “At Skura, we are proud to be at the forefront of these changes and this investment will help us continue to drive true innovation in the industry.”

BEST Funds has made headlines in BetaKit several times over the past few months. In july it invested $3 million in Toronto-based startup AcuityAds and in late August the firm took part in TeamBuy’s third round of funding worth $5 million. Two weeks ago BEST Funds also led a $3.5 million round in Oakville’s ERMS corporation, creators of an emergency mass communication tool.

On its latest investment, BEST Funds commented that Skura Corporation will continue to pioneer innovative applications and grow as a leader in the mobile sales technology space. “We are excited about this new investment and are happy to support an organization that is helping sales teams around the globe to be more effective and interconnected with colleagues, partners, prospects and clients,” said CEO John Richardson.

Founded in 1996, Skura is an international company with a mission to improve the effectiveness of sales teams by enabling their digital collateral to reach customers across all channels of engagement. Its next generation technology helps sales professionals do more, work smarter and better their productivity through the enablement of their digital devices.

It’s flagship product, the “Skura SFX platform”, is the preferred Mobile Sales Enablement solution for over 36,000 sales professionals supporting over 120 top brands in 34 countries around the world. It’s been called the “sales rep of the future”, and is a “digital detailing application recognized by industry analysts as the next generation solution for Mobile Sales Enablement & CLM (Closed Loop Marketing).” It facilitates in the execution of the optimal sales call by enabling sales people to leverage interactive and engaging visual aids, PowerPoint presentations, reprints, customer surveys, and product data to plan and deliver an optimal sales call.

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