Axem Neurotechnology accepted into Shenzhen-based HAX accelerator


Halifax-based Axem Neurotechnology, which is building brain-sensing hardware to improve physical rehabilitation and sports performance, has been accepted into the Shenzhen-based HAX accelerator.

Backed by SOSV, a global capital fund with $300 million under management, Hax says it is the world’s most active hardware investor in the world. The company provides startups working in the space with seed funding, mentorship, shared office and lab space, as well as staff to help with design and sourcing.

“Working at HAX means we will develop our prototype more quickly and move towards being ready for manufacturing,” said Chris Friesen, co-founder and CTO of Axem. “The goal is to come out of HAX with a prototype ready for beta testing with our early adopters that include clinicians as well as professional and Olympic sports organizations.”

Axem was founded by Tony Ingram and Chris Friesen, two PhD Neuroscience students from Dalhousie University. Late last year, the startup was awarded $50,000 as winners of Innovacorp’s Spark Innovation Challenge. Axem also joined Volta Labs as a resident company in September 2017.

The company’s product is currently in beta testing with professional sports teams and training centres.

“As first-time founders with a talented but young team, we’re excited to rub shoulders with some of the most knowledgeable people in the hardware space,” said Tony Ingram, co-founder and CEO of Axem. “The opportunity will increase our capacity to build this business when we return to Halifax.”

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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