Atomic Reach Wants Real Content to Resonate With Real People

Toronto-based startup Atomic Reach, which helps content creators publish more effective content for their targeted audiences, is set to release its new product in beta, called Audience Insights.

We chatted with marketing director Ira Haberman, who spoke about the rising notion that the importance given to search engine optimization (SEO) is wearing off in favour of content that actually resonates with people.

“People are starting to write better content for their audience, rather than search engines, and that’s consistent with our message. We believe that in order for you to really cut through, it’s important that you think about your audience first. It’s not optimizing your content for search engines with keyword stuffing and those sorts of things,” he said.

To that end the company is set to invite beta users into its newest tool, Audience Insights, within a few weeks. It gives content creators- blogs, marketers, larger news organizations and anyone else- a view into everything they need to know about how their content is connecting with their audience.

It’s not just page views, web and social metrics. Rather, “the beauty of audience insights is it gives you details about how you can improve your content so that it engages a larger audience. When you build great content for people it connects with larger audiences,” said Haberman, a former content director at Corus Entertainment.

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Atomic Reach uses algorithms to figure out how content can resonate well with different types of audiences, like casual readers or experts, and how it could be more effective. It makes suggestions as to how sentence structure, key words and even titles can be altered to fit with a specific audience.

The company was founded in 2011 by Bradley Silver and was originally a content curation platform. It pivoted last summer to meet the needs of clients who wanted to understand audience in a more significant way. The entire platform was originally built for the internal team prior to the pivot. “We found it so incredibly useful that we wanted to share that with everyone else,” said Haberman.

Earlier this year it released its “Atomic Engager” tool, a CMS plugin that identifies how content can be better written. The next evolution, said Haberman, is Audience Insights, which can take that better content and show how it travels and how it can be more effective for segments of readers.

The startup is targeting anyone from bloggers to large media organizations. For bloggers with about 30 articles or less, audience insights will likely be free, but for more sophisticated online marketers or news organizations, the tool will likely cost in the hundreds on a subscription basis. That price will also be based on the number of authors and pieces of content published every month.

Those interested in signing up for the beta product can do so here.

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