At-Home ‘DNA Matchmaking Service’ Partners With Toronto Dating Site for ‘Futuristic Matchmaking’

Two Toronto companies in the compatibility and online dating space have partnered up to offer to “bring the future of matchmaking to Ontario.”

Instant Chemistry, creators of the first “at-home DNA compatibility tests,” today announced the deal with Match Me Toronto, an area dating website with over 8,000 members.

Match Me Toronto will now offer its users the opportunity to take Instant Chemistry’s Singles Kit, which will be used as “an additional metric” in the matchmaking process. The companies said that the kit results will “further assist in determining perfect matches and ensuring lasting relationships” for Match Me Toronto’s users.

Instant Chemistry said that its Singles Kit works by giving insight into compatibility on “both the psychological and biological levels.”


“The DNA portion offers compatibility based on an individual’s immune system or Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) and the serotonin transporter gene which both affect attraction and how individuals handle everyday stimulants like stress,” read a release. “The Psychological Compatibility test identifies core personality traits, and how couples view stability and happiness in long term relationships. Match Me Toronto can then leverage this information in determining true compatibility.”

The test retails for $199 online. Instant Chemisty’s team is made up of scientists, engineers, designers, and business professionals, like Dr. Scott Davey, PHD, an Associate Professor of Pathology & Molecular Medicine, Oncology, and Biochemistry at Queens University, and Dr. Suraj Unniappan, PhD, an Associate Professor & Canadian Institutes Health Research New Investigator at  the University of Saskatchewan. As well, Instant Chemisty’s two founders, Dr. Sara Seabrooke, PhD and Dr. Ron Gonzalez, PhD, graduated in genetics and neuroscience, respectively.

“Match Me Toronto has already proven that their method of matchmaking truly works,” said Instant Chemistry CEO Ron Gonzalez. “We’re excited to partner with Rebecca Cooper Traynor and the Match Me Toronto team in providing a new, biological way for members to determine if a match is “the one.”

And how does Instant Chemistry actually go through with its DNA testing? Simple: “Spit in the tube, pack it up in the included prepaid envelope, and send it off at your local FedEx office.”

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