Healthcare Advice Portal Values Itself at $300 Million, Says It Will Raise $30 Million

Toronto’s ATD Health Network, most known for, has raised $3 million in funding from “a large group of Canadian and American physicians, business leaders and star athletes/celebrities.”

The investors include physicians who will consult for the team of doctors that serve ATD clients with “one on one expert advice” for those who are turning to the web first for their health needs.

“83 percent of US Internet users look for health information online, the third highest internet activity, ahead of Facebook,” said CEO Prakash Chand. “Our new investors recognize the immense opportunity of participating in the growth of the top medical Q and A company. We serve our clients with valuable direct medical advice from physicians, first online, and in the future we will facilitate referrals and treatment through our clinics and physician appointment booking services.”

ATD is in the process of opening its first clinic in India in Hyderabad – a step they say is “en route to becoming a full medical service provider with clinics around the world.”

“With rising costs and accessibility barriers health providers will need to take an innovative, streamlined and hybrid approach to get people the care they need,” said ATD chief medical officer Dr. Suneel Sharman. “Our goal is to maximize the efficiencies of online physician advice combined with booking services and clinics to help people everywhere get healthcare answers and treatment quickly.”

To facilitate this rollout ATD said it will raise $30 million USD at a $300 million valuation in its next round of funding. The investments will be used for hiring more physicians for the its Q&A data bank, and to open up the first series of medical walk in clinics and full service hospitals.

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