Are Too Many Accelerators a Problem? Extreme Startups and INcubes Heads Drop Knowledge at Startup Fest

“Czikk, Daniels and Zlotnick to join forces for new, ‘super-accelerator’ in Canada.”

Well no, not really, but that faux-headline points to a larger issue within the Canadians startup community, of whether the sudden influx of dozens of new accelerators every year is more a problem than a solution.

At International Startup Festival in Montreal, we caught up with Extreme Startups managing director Marcus Daniels and INcubes founder Ben Zlotnick for a quick chat about that topic, and more.

Are there too many accelerators in Canada? Can the graduation/demo day event actually be counted on to attract immediate term sheets for investment? Should accelerators be making a greater effort at focusing companies towards international markets, immediately?

These were some of the questions we asked the two Toronto-based accelerators at Montreal’s annual summertime bash for all things statups.

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