AMPED conference wants to help your startup workshop growth

On November 21, Gimme Growth and Tract 9 are partnering to host AMPED in Toronto, a conference tackling the keys to growth hacking and working with media.

The all-day conference will be filled with hands-on workshops from experts in topics like early traction, paid acquisition, marketing, and growth strategy. Mentors include BetaKit’s editor-in-chief Douglas Soltys, Tilt growth lead Sarah Stockdale, and Hired senior director of marketing KAI Fortney.

“Conferences are often filled with panels that don’t help startups get actionable takeaways,” said Dominic Coryell, founder of Gimme Growth. “We want to create a reflexive learning environment in an intimate setting where people can use the mentor’s expertise to solve their real problems and leave the day with at least one to two things that will grow their business today.”

Vijak Haddadi, founder of Tract 9, said that getting authentic media attention and creating effective media — such as demo and explainer videos — should also be part of a company’s growth strategy.

“Being on the cutting edge of media and video presentation is essential if you want your startup to be seen and heard in today’s oversaturated media world. Great media means lots of traction and traction is king,” said Haddadi.

Tickets start at $15, but BetaKit has got you covered with a 45% discount until Saturday; use the code BETAKIT to get the discount.

Photo courtesy Tract 9

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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