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NuPort Robotics receives $1 million from Ontario for autonomous trucking project with Canadian Tire (BETAKIT)

The fresh funding represents another in a series of Ontario government investments in the autonomous vehicle space through AVIN.


NACO West 2021: A national summit with a regional focus

Without reliable access to informed early-stage capital, we risk losing a generation of entrepreneurs and their future economic and social contributions. Over the last decade, NACO members have invested over $1 billion into more than 1,500 ventures. However, we continue to see gaps in the funding ecosystem.

Join us at NACO West 2021 from March 30-31 for conversations at the intersection of entrepreneurship, capital and innovation that will shape the future of Canada’s economic recovery.

Speakers include Chris Simair, managing director at Harvest Builders and co-founder of SkipTheDishes; Laura Kilcrease, CEO of Alberta Innovates; Andrew D’Souza, co-founder & CEO at Clearbanc; Amber Mac, TV host and author and John Stackhouse, author of Planet Canada and senior vice-president, office of the CEO at RBC.

Register here (at no cost) to attend.

What happens when our faces are tracked everywhere we go? (NEW YORK TIMES)

When a secretive startup scraped the internet to build a facial-recognition tool, it tested a legal and ethical limit — and blew the future of privacy in America wide open.

Tata Consultancy Services to expand Montréal presence with new hub, 500 hires (BETAKIT)

Once complete, the move will triple the company’s Montréal headcount.

The secret auction that set off the race for AI supremacy (WIRED)

How the shape of deep learning – and the fate of the tech industry – went up for sale in Harrah’s Room 731, on the shores of Lake Tahoe.

People with disabilities say this AI tool is making the web worse for them (VICE)

AccessiBe aims to make the internet fully accessible to the visually impaired by 2025 — but activists say the company’s AI is making things worse.

3 tips for SaaS founders forecasting their next fundraise (BETAKIT)

In a recent webcast, Sage Intacct’s David Appel spoke with Dave Kellogg and Mihir Jobalia about their forecasting tips for founders ready to raise.

Beijing sours on facial recognition, unless it’s the one doing it (PROTOCOL)

State media and new regulations are going after dodgy company practices. Government still gets a free pass.

BetaKit Live: Leading Through Change (BETAKIT)

Entrepreneurs, business leaders, and members of the Canadian tech community join for a panel conversation on leading through change Tuesday, March 30.

Facebook shows off how you’ll use its neural wristbands with AR glasses (THE VERGE)

Facebook Reality Labs published a blog post detailing its work on a prototype of the wristbands.

Uber under pressure over facial recognition checks for drivers (TECHCRUNCH)

The union said it has identified seven cases of “failed facial recognition and other identity checks” leading to drivers losing their jobs and licence revocation action by TfL.

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