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‘Getting religious’ about AI could be more complicated than it appears(BETAKIT)

Ryan Holmes believes we should code pan-religious ethics into AI. One professor disagrees.

UiPath raising around $120M at $1B+ valuation for its ‘software robots’ for internal business tasks (TECHCRUNCH)

UiPath uses computer vision, machine learning and natural language processing to automate mundane tasks such as filling out insurance claims, processing invoices, and running customer contact center operations.

Why are we teaching humans how to code and machines how to learn? (LSNGLOBAL)

Youth culture expert Andrés Colmenares, co-founder of the Internet Age Media festival, discusses the dangerous implications of prioritizing technical proficiency over problem-solving.

Microsoft makes more AI programming interfaces available to developers (ZDNET)

Microsoft is making available new vision, face recognition, and entity search interfaces to developers who want to add more AI smarts to their apps and services.

MindBridge AI announces new enhancements to platform (BETAKIT)

The company is adding patent pending natural language processing (NLP) that allows audit professionals to naturally ask questions of their transactions, and immediately get focused on potential errors and risky transactions.

Not so simple Cimon: Intelligent flying drone to join space station astronauts (DAILYMAIL)

Short for Crew Interactive Mobile Companion, Cimon is designed to float and fly around the International Space Station offering technical help, warning of system failures and dangers, and providing a source of entertainment.

Robo-logistics company Magazino raises $25M for its warehouse bots (TECHCRUNCH)

Magazino’s bots are made for the kind of repetitive fetching and transport work that is so common in e-commerce distribution and storage facilities.

Wireless LAN startup Mist Systems closes on $46M funding round(SILICONANGLE)

Mist Systems, which has built a self-learning wireless local area network for enterprises that’s powered by AI, raised the funding from Kleiner Perkins, with participation from Lightspeed Venture Partners, Norwest Venture Partners, Dimension Data, and GV.

Kanetix partners with Integrate.AI to implement machine learning capabilities (BETAKIT)

Based on the website’s pool of data, Integrate.ai configured its platform to predict which customers were likely to convert and their preferred method of transacting, allowing Kanetix.ca to provide a tailored buying experience.

Skelter Labs raises $9M to help put Korea on the global AI map (TECHCRUNCH)

Skelter Labs, which specializes in conversational AI, raised the funds from Kakao with participation, from Stonebridge Ventures and Lotte Homeshopping.

Silicon Valley’s quest for conversational AI needs room to learn from ‘screw ups’ (THESTAR)

Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft hope a new breed of computing system will provide smoother and easier ways of interacting with machines.

Ross Intellgience partners with Vector Institute (BETAKIT)

“Legal question-answering is the ideal test bed for understanding natural human language, and this partnership with Vector will help us to significantly advance developments at Ross Intelligence,” said Andrew Arruda, CEO and co-founder of Ross Intelligence.


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