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Vector Institute names Garth Gibson as CEO(BETAKIT)

Garth Gibson was Carnegie Mellon University’s co-director of its Master of Computational Data Science program.

RBC RECOMMENDS: Canada’s AI challenge(RBC)

The promise of AI has led to a global surge in investment and a war for scarce talent. This threatens to tilt the playing field in favour of a few nations and companies that have the money, datasets, and computing power to win at scale.

Zoom.AI acquires SimplyInsight to double down on natural language processing(BETAKIT)

SimplyInsight co-founders Amanda Parker and Alexey Adamsky will join the Zoom.ai team.

Self-driving startup Drive.ai to open Singapore office with new Grab funding(TECHCRUNCH)

Autonomous vehicle technology startup Drive.ai has raised $15 million in a new round from Grab, Southeast Asia’s largest Uber rival.

Microsoft unveils its next-generation AI developer tools(ZDNET)

Microsoft is readying more AI tools for developers and data scientists, including a Visual Studio Code extension and a data-wrangling tool.

Samsung opens AI lab in Montreal with Yoshua Bengio(BETAKIT)

Korean researchers from the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology will join staff at the University of Montreal.

Apple acquires AI tech that seeks to understand your photos (ENGADGET)

Apple acquired Regaind, which not only figure out the content of your photos, but also their technical and aesthetic values.

New theory cracks open the black box of deep learning (QUANTAMAGAZINE)

A new idea called the “information bottleneck” is helping to explain the puzzling success of today’s artificial-intelligence algorithms — and might also explain how human brains learn.

Analytics 4 Life raises $25 million Series B for AI-powered cardiac imaging tech(BETAKIT)

The round was led by an international syndicate of accredited investors.


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