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Government of Canada’s chief information officer, Alex Benay, leaves to join Mindbridge(BETAKIT)

Alex Benay, the Government of Canada’s chief information officer (CIO), has announced he is leaving his post to join Ottawa-based startup Mindbridge.


What’s Microsoft’s vision for conversational AI? Computers that understand you(MICROSOFT)

The Semantic Machines technology extends the role of the machine learning beyond intents all the way through to enabling what the system does.

The UK’s National Health Service is launching an AI lab(TECHCRUNCH)

The UK government has announced it’s rerouting £250M (~$300M) in public funds for the country’s National Health Service (NHS) to set up an artificial intelligence lab that will work to expand the use of AI technologies within the service.

Instead of practicing, this AI mastered chess by reading about it(TECHNOLOGYREVIEW)

Machines that appreciate “brilliant” and “dumb” chess moves could learn to play the game—and do other things—more efficiently.

WSC Sports raises $23 million to turn sports broadcasts into highlight reels with AI(VENTUREBEAT)

The newfound funds follow on the heels of a $12 million series B in September 2016, after a three-year period in which WSC doubled its customer base and revenue year-over-year.

Owl.co raises $2.6 million CAD for encrypted data collection platform(BETAKIT)

Owl.co, a software company that helps banks and insurers collect and encrypt customer data, has raised its first round of funding, securing $2.6 million CAD.

Opsani helps optimize cloud applications with AI(TECHCRUNCH)

Opsani, a Redwood City, Calif. startup, wants to go beyond performance monitoring to continually optimizing cloud applications, using artificial intelligence to help the software learn what is the optimal state.

Silicon Valley’s latest unicorn is run by a 22-year-old(BLOOMBERG)

Scale AI, which counts Waymo and Uber among its customers, is teaching machines to see.

DeepCode raises $4M in seed funding round(FINSMES)

DeepCode, a Zurich, Switzerland-based platform for AI-powered code reviews, raised $4m (CHF3.92m) in seed funding.

Universal mCloud receives $13 million loan following acquisition of Autopro Automation(BETAKIT)

Universal mCloud, a company offering asset management solutions that use IoT, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and analytics, has received a $13 million loan from Integrated Private Debt Fund VI LP.

Toyota partners with AI startup Preferred Networks on building helper robots for humans(TECHCRUNCH)

The platform, which Toyota created in 2012 and has been developing since, is a basic robot designed to be able to work alongside people in everyday settings.

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