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Privacy commissioner shares recommendations for regulating artificial intelligence (BETAKIT)

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada released recommendations for regulating AI in Canada, calling for legislation that would amend PIPEDA.


3 simple tech tools to help you run your small business (CBC)

Dell Technologies helps entrepreneurs looking for tech solutions that can keep pace with today’s rapid shifts.

AI is wrestling with a replication crisis (MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW)

Tech giants dominate research but the line between real breakthrough and product showcase can be fuzzy. Some scientists have had enough.

Element AI, PemPem collaborate to improve accountability, sustainability in Indonesian palm oil industry (BETAKIT)

Element AI and PemPem announce collaboration to increase accountability and sustainability in the Indonesian palm oil industry.

Facebook’s redoubled AI efforts won’t stop the spread of harmful content (VENTUREBEAT)

Facebook’s continued investment in moderation comes as reports suggest the company is failing to stem the spread of misinformation, disinformation, and hate speech on its platform.

Google Canada commits $3.9 million CAD to AI research institute Mila (BETAKIT)

Montréal-based artificial intelligence research institute Mila has received a $3.9 million CAD grant from Google Canada.

Startup Buoy Health raises funds at near $200 million valuation (BNN BLOOMBERG)

Buoy Health, a startup that makes a widely used COVID-19 symptom checker, has raised $37 million from investors including the venture arms of major insurers Cigna Holding Co., Humana Inc. and UnitedHealth Group.

Local Logic raises $8 million Series A for proptech platform (BETAKIT)

Montreal-based proptech and artificial intelligence (AI) startup Local Logic has secured $8 million CAD in Series A financing.

He’s worried AI may destroy humanity. Just don’t confuse him with Elon Musk (FORTUNE)

An Estonian computer programmer who was one of the pioneers of peer-to-peer file-sharing technology, Tallinn cofounded Kazaa and later used similar technology to help build Skype, where he was a co-founder and one of the first engineering hires.

Four startups share how they’ve adapted to remote work during COVID-19 (BETAKIT)

Leaders from Willful, Doxim, Soapbox, and Drop provide their perspective on the new ways of working for Canadian tech – remote, in-office, and hybrid.

AI, quantum R&D funding to remain a priority under Biden (WALL STREET JOURNAL)

Artificial intelligence and quantum information science are expected to remain key priorities for the U.S. under a Joe Biden presidency, but his spending and regulatory approaches are expected to differ from that of President Trump.

How Bridgit’s co-founders tapped into a market ignored by tech (BETAKIT)

Bridgit COO Lauren Lake shares more about Bridgit’s founding story and how the company discovered its niche on the #CIBCInnovationEconomy podcast.

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