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Privacy Commissioner claims facial recognition company Clearview AI violated Canadian privacy laws (BETAKIT)

A report from the federal privacy commissioner and three provincial counterparts claims Clearview AI has unlawfully violated the privacy rights of Canadians.

How machine learning is revolutionizing medical research in Nova Scotia and beyond (CBC)

Work that might have taken years to complete, or would have been astronomically expensive, can now be done faster and at lower cost.

Immunai raises $60 million to analyze the immune system with AI (VENTUREBEAT)

The company says it will use the funds to broaden its functional genomics capabilities and help its partners prioritize, discover, and develop new therapies and drug combinations.

Forget self-driving cars — the Pentagon wants autonomous ships, choppers and jets (WALL STREET JOURNAL)

From pilotless jets engaging in dogfights to huge undersea vessels ferrying troops, the Pentagon is pushing to increase the U.S. military’s use of automation.

Why is Facebook rejecting these fashion ads? (NEW YORK TIMES)

The automated intelligence systems of Instagram and Facebook have repeatedly denied ads placed by small businesses that make stylish clothing for people with disabilities.

Microsoft’s big win in quantum computing was an ‘error’ after all (WIRED)

In a 2018 paper, researchers said they found evidence of an elusive theorized particle. A closer look now suggests otherwise.

Sweden’s data watchdog slaps police for unlawful use of Clearview AI (TECHCRUNCH)

Sweden’s data protection authority, the IMY, has fined the local police authority €250,000 ($300,000+) for unlawful use of the controversial facial recognition software Clearview AI, in breach of the country’s Criminal Data Act.

Months after buying Uber self-driving project, Aurora signs Toyota deal (ARS TECHNICA)

Aurora is planning to test self-driving Sienna minivans later this year.

Where do vaccine doses go, and who gets them? The algorithms decide (NEW YORK TIMES)

Health agencies and hospitals are using different formulas to allocate the coronavirus shots, exacerbating disparities in vaccine access.

Minneapolis passes restrictive ban on facial recognition use by police, others (STAR TRIBUNE)

The city joined places like Portland, Ore., Boston and Alameda, Calif., that have already outlawed or limited use of the technology, which employs complex algorithms to automatically detect human faces from surveillance cameras, social media and other sources and match them to names.

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