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Report: 61 percent of Canadian companies use automation to run their business(BETAKIT)

Nearly a quarter (23 percent) of SMB owners think automation technology will lead to an increase in employees.

Our stories – Do You Have the X Factor? (RBC)

How do you stand out? It all comes down to the X factor of the entrepreneur, according to leading venture capitalist Arif Janmohamed of Lightspeed Ventures.

The great AI paradox (TECHNOLOGYREVIEW)

Don’t worry about supersmart AI eliminating all the jobs. That’s just a distraction from the problems even relatively dumb computers are causing.

Fraud detection startup Simility raises $17.5 million from Accel, PayPal, others(VENTUREBEAT)

Palo Alto-based Simility is one of a number of companies using machine learning to help those working in the fraud detection realm collect and analyze data.

Google AI helped find the first solar system outside our own with 8 planets (TECHCRUNCH)

By applying neural networking to Kepler data, scientists have found, for the first time, an eighth planet in the Kepler-90 system.

Andrew Ng says factories are AI’s next frontier(TECHNOLOGYREVIEW)

The artificial-intelligence expert is on a mission to AI-ify manufacturing, starting with partners like Foxconn.

Microsoft is expanding “AI for Earth” program to fight climate change(FUTURISM)

Microsoft is expanding its “AI for Earth” program with a $50 million investment over the next five years. This could yield new artificial intelligence applications to enable scientists, businesses, and even farmers to better protect the environment.

Microsoft looks to make Bing results smarter with new AI-powered features and Reddit partnership (TECHCRUNCH)

The updates are focused on bringing more conversational, nuanced answers to users in the “cards” UI being used by competitors like Google. New features starting to roll out include: Intelligent Search, Intelligent Image Search, and Conversational Search.

Deep learning startup Chattermill raises £600k (ITPRO)

The deep learning startup applies artificial neural networks to customer feedback that learn from a company’s data to help it make better decisions.

Create more value than you capture: An oral history of Toronto’s product development(BETAKIT)

BetaKit’s first #longform piece tracks the last 15 years of Toronto tech.


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