A|I: The AI Times – John Grisham, George R.R. Martin headline OpenAI’s latest copyright fight

Plus: ALL IN to showcase Canada’s AI at major conference.

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ALL IN to showcase Canada's AI at major conference (BETAKIT)

Scale AI, Canada’s federally funded AI Global Innovation Cluster, is presenting the country’s largest gathering dedicated to Canadian artificial intelligence (AI), ALL IN. The event will bring together leading AI experts, industry members, startups, investors, and researchers to share their insights and explore how AI is transforming the Canadian economy.

OpenAI releases third version of DALL-E (THE VERGE)

OpenAI announced the third version of its generative AI visual art platform DALL-E, which now lets users use ChatGPT to create prompts and includes more safety options.

A new feature of DALL-E 3 is integration with ChatGPT. By using ChatGPT, someone doesn’t have to come up with their own detailed prompt to guide DALL-E 3; they can just ask ChatGPT to come up with a prompt, and the chatbot will write out a paragraph for DALL-E 3 to follow.

Secoda closes $19-million CAD Series A to scale its data management AI copilot (BETAKIT)

Toronto-based Secoda has announced $14 million USD ($19 million CAD) in Series A funding, led by Craft Ventures, to scale its AI-powered data management platform.

Secoda stands for “searchable company data,” and is exactly what the company provides, offering a platform that connects with data platforms like Snowflake, dbt, and Looker to catalog the data and metadata for employees.

How businesses can leverage Zoho Inventory's AI to optimize their order packing process

Package Geometry is an AI-based capability in Zoho Inventory, an inventory management solution that allows businesses to simulate their packing arrangements visually even before they start putting goods inside their boxes.

Businesses can render high-quality 3D representation of products inside boxes by using parameters like weights and dimensions. This will provide businesses with important suggestions like how many boxes they need in total, and help them discover the most efficient arrangement, even when dealing with multiple item sizes and box types simultaneously.

Streamline your packing process, reduce errors, and optimize your order fulfilment with Package Geometry from Zoho Inventory.

Try Zoho Inventory for free today!

Why Silicon Valley’s biggest AI developers are hiring poets

Silicon Valley’s biggest generative artificial intelligence developers are looking for a new kind of data worker: poets.

A string of job postings from high-profile training data companies, such as Scale AI and Appen, are recruiting poets, novelists, playwrights, or writers with a PhD or master’s degree. The companies say contractors will write short stories on a given topic to feed them into AI models.

Waabi partners with Uber Freight to deploy its autonomous trucking tech (BETAKIT)

Toronto-based autonomous vehicle (AV) startup Waabi has teamed up with United States (US) ride-hailing giant Uber’s logistics arm, Uber Freight.

The 10-year partnership will bundle Waabi’s core technology, Waabi Driver, with Uber Freight’s logistics platform, marketplace, and autonomous trucking operations to create what the two firms claim will be a “first of its kind” turnkey driver-as-a-service solution.

Vooban closes CDPQ investment to fund acquisitions and North American expansion (BETAKIT)

Québec City-based artificial intelligence (AI) software and service company Vooban has secured a strategic equity investment from Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ).

Vooban, which helps businesses design and deploy AI solutions, plans to use this capital to fuel its Ontario and United States expansion plans.

John Grisham, other top US authors sue OpenAI over copyrights (REUTERS)

A trade group for U.S. authors has sued OpenAI on behalf of prominent writers including John Grisham and "Game of Thrones" novelist George R.R. Martin, accusing the company of unlawfully training its popular artificial-intelligence based chatbot ChatGPT on their work.

OpenAI and other AI defendants have said their use of training data scraped from the internet qualifies as fair use under U.S. copyright law.

How TECHNATION thinks we can solve Canada's tech talent gap (BETAKIT)

Data from TECHNATION, a member organization of Canadian tech companies that bridges the tech industry and government policy, shows that Canadian firms have over 40,000 vacant positions that they need to fill as soon as possible.

Speaking with BetaKit, TECHNATION Executive Director for the Future Workforce Development Team, Sandi Campbell, shared more about the root causes of Canada’s tech talent gap and offered a solution for organizations looking for talent.

Cisco’s Splunk Deal Highlights Growing Interest In The Intersection Of Cybersecurity And AI (CRUNCHBASE)

Cisco Systems has never been shy about M&A and it proved it again in a big way Thursday when it agreed to buy Splunk in a deal valued at about $28 billion that furthers the hardware giant’s push into software.

It also tops off what has been a big couple of weeks of investor interest in the role AI will play in cybersecurity and vice versa.

A checklist for building sustainable rural tech hubs (BETAKIT)

With the explosion of remote work, there has been a paradigm shift away from major municipalities and toward smaller regions as people seek both livability and career prospects, said Pablo Listingart, Executive Director of tech skills school ComIT.

Speaking with BetaKit, Listingart shared his theory of how rural tech hubs can come to be—and what support they need to become sustainable.

Meet the gig workers making AI machines more accurate, capable and powerful (THE GLOBE AND MAIL)

As artificial intelligence gets more powerful, the workers training the top generative AI systems are largely underpaid, overworked, and stuck in precarious employment situations.

Simmunome secures $2 million to make clinical trials more efficient with AI (BETAKIT)

Clinical trials can be time-consuming, expensive, and suffer poor success rates. Using artificial intelligence (AI), Montréal-based Simmunome has closed $2 million CAD in pre-seed funding to help predict whether drug candidates will succeed or fail in clinical trials.

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