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Four Canadian tech startups selected for Google’s Voice AI program (BETAKIT)

Over the last year, Google has looked to significantly expand its accelerator presence in Canada.


International Womxn’s Week: We Mean Business

International Womxn’s Week (IWW) is twelve jam-packed days of virtual events designed to unite allies and inspire, equip, and empower womxn in leadership in professional fields.

Kick-off IWW on Monday, March 1st at The “F” Factor: Fuelling Womxn Founders, a free digital ‘tell-all’ event featuring an all-star panel and keynote by Mandela SH Dixon, CEO & Cofounder, Founder Gym.

Founder Gym is an online program that trains underrepresented founders on how to raise money, whose graduates have gone on to raise over $80M in capital in less than three years.

This event is all about funding, fundraising, and fearlessness in growing your startup or scale-up.

Make the most of 2021: Register now.

Canadarm maker MDA taps public markets veteran as chief financial officer in advance of expected IPO this year (THE GLOBE AND MAIL)

Vito Culmone, who has previously served as chief financial officer at several large, publicly traded companies, will step into the role in March.

AI here, there, everywhere (NEW YORK TIMES)

Many of us already live with artificial intelligence now, but researchers say interactions with the technology will become increasingly personalized.

SoftBank-backed robotics firm Berkshire Grey to go public via $2.7 billion SPAC deal (REUTERS)

The deal with Revolution Acceleration Acquisition Corp is expected to provide Berkshire Grey about $413 million in cash, as the maker of logistics automation systems looks to take advantage of a surge in online shopping amid the COVID-19.

Can auditing eliminate bias from algorithms? (THE MARKUP)

A growing industry wants to scrutinize the algorithms that govern our lives — but it needs teeth.

‘This is bigger than just Timnit’: How Google tried to silence a critic and ignited a movement (FAST COMPANY)

Big Tech has used its power to control the field of AI ethics and avoid accountability. Now, the ouster of Timnit Gebru is putting the movement for equitable tech in the spotlight.

Roivant extends AI drug discovery reach with $450M Silicon Therapeutics buyout (MED CITY NEWS)

Roivant Sciences is expanding its drug discovery and design capabilities via a stock deal to acquire Silicon Therapeutics.

Boosted by the pandemic, meeting transcription service Otter.ai raises $50M (TECHCRUNCH)

Over the past year or so, voice transcription startup Otter.ai doubled down on the future of remote work by integrating its product with meeting apps like Zoom and Google Meet.

How one state managed to actually write rules on facial recognition (NEW YORK TIMES)

Massachusetts is one of the first states to put legislative guardrails around the use of facial recognition technology in criminal investigations.

An AI is training counselors to deal with teens in crisis (MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW)

The Trevor Project, America’s hotline for LGBT youth, is turning to a GPT-2-powered chatbot to help troubled teenagers — but it’s setting strict limits.

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