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Toronto coalition calls for machine learning systems to respect human rights (BETAKIT)

While the declaration isn’t legally binding, it sets machine learning standards that government bodies and tech companies are encouraged to adhere to.

Salesforce Recommends: Salesforce CFO explains why companies need to meet the fourth industrial revolution head-on (ITBUSINESS)

“AI-powered technology promises to be both more disruptive than its predecessors, but also create more opportunities – “incredible” opportunities.” – Mark Hawkins, President & CFO, Salesforce.

Google Assistant will alert people that Duplex calls are being recorded (THEVERGE)

The convincingly human-sounding AI technology will identify itself as Google Assistant when calls begin.

Dialpad gets AI injection with TalkIQ acquisition(TECHCRUNCH)

With TalkIQ, the Dialpad platform gets an injection of intelligence. Specifically, they can capture voice in near real time and apply sentiment analysis and analytics.

York University announces certificate in machine learning to tackle skills gap (BETAKIT)

York University said the certificate is meant to address the high demand for machine learning specialists in Canada.

AI is harder than you think (NYTIMES)

The field of artificial intelligence doesn’t lack for ambition. In January, Google’s chief executive, Sundar Pichai, claimed in an interview that AI “is more profound than, I dunno, electricity or fire.”

Oracle acquires machine learning platform Datascience.com (VENTUREBEAT)

Oracle envisions combining its Cloud Infrastructure service with Datascience.com’s tools for a single, unified machine learning solution.

Primal secures $2.3 million to develop its semantic AI (BETAKIT)

“AI is not about replacing humans, but about making humans smarter, better, faster,” said Yvan Couture, president and CEO of Primal.

Baidu’s top AI exec is stepping down (TECHCRUNCH)

The move is seen as a big blow for the Chinese company’s ambitions to grow beyond its search engine roots.

AI-powered autonomous drone could bring new capabilities to agriculture, logistics, more (TECHREPUBLIC)

The nano drone can move without human assistance and is considered the first of its kind.

OJO Labs raises $20.5 million in VC funding and plans to double in size (SILICONHILLNEWS)

Real estate AI startup OJO Labs raised the funding from Realogy, the Royal Bank of Canada, Northwest Mutual Fund Ventures, and ServiceMaster.

#paid raises $9 million Series A to help you find influencers with AI (BETAKIT)

#paid CEO Bryan Gold said that partnering with ScaleUP Ventures will allow it to scale to new markets across North America and Europe.

BrainQ raises $5.3M to treat neurological disorders with the help of AI (TECHCRUNCH)

The funding was led by Qure Ventures, OurCrowd.com, Norma Investments, IT-Farm, and a number of angel investors.

Motorleaf raises $2.85 million to help greenhouses predict their harvest (BETAKIT)

Motorleaf’s Agronomist.ai platform promises to predict accurate harvest amounts to keep costs in check.


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