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Samsung opens second Montreal-based AI lab, moves into Mila(BETAKIT)

South Korean electronics giant Samsung has moved into the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms (Mila), opening its 2,000-square-foot artificial intelligence lab.

SeedLegals closes $4M Series A, led by Index Ventures, to automate startup fundraisings(TECHCRUNCH)

The fleet includes 36 regular trucks and three autonomous ones.

SentinelOne raises $120 million to automate endpoint security for enterprises(VENTUREBEAT)

SentinelOne, a cybersecurity company specializing in autonomous endpoint protection, has raised $120 million in a series D round of funding led by Insight Partners.

Quebec-based Supercluster SCALE.AI launches call for projects(BETAKIT)

The Supercluster aims to make Canada an international leader in the field of AI applications in supply chains.

How companies like Google are dealing with the ethics of AI(THEVERGE)

Should we trust companies like Google and Amazon to regulate themselves? Do we need new legislation to make sure algorithms don’t run amok?

Training advanced AIs is surprisingly terrible for the environment(FUTURISM)

The process puts out the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide as five lifetime emissions of the average American car, as calculated by MIT Technology Review.

Palette Skills receives $1 million from government for worker reskilling(BETAKIT)

Palette Skills’ stated mission is to reduce anxiety about the future, address talent shortages for industries, as well as create new job pathways for workers facing automation.

AllyO raises $45 million for its AI-driven hiring platform(VENTUREBEAT)

The fresh funds bring AllyO’s total raised to $64 million, and cofounder Sahil Sahni said they’ll help to further develop the company’s products and expand its reach.

Responsive client base hits $10 billion CAD AUM, powered by its behavioural AI(BETAKIT)

The company, which works out of Vancouver, New York, Toronto, and Calgary, aims to apply data science and user experience design to help private managers perform better.

Amazon launches AI-powered ‘Shazam for clothes’ fashion search(THEVERGE)

Users can take a picture or upload an image and StyleSnap will use machine learning to “match the look in the photo” and find similar items for sale on Amazon.com.

June #FutureMakers will explain the risks and rewards of digital transformation(BETAKIT)

The event will features speakers from Slack, IBM, and RBC. Get in free using the code “BetaKitPROMO”.

Twitter acquires Fabula AI, a machine learning startup that helps spot fake news(VENTUREBEAT)

Twitter has acquired Fabula AI, a London-based startup that uses machine learning (ML) to help detect the spread of misinformation online.


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