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Privacy Commissioner claims facial recognition company Clearview AI violated Canadian privacy laws (BETAKIT)

A report from the federal privacy commissioner and three provincial counterparts claims Clearview AI has unlawfully violated the privacy rights of Canadians.

How can we keep algorithmic racism out of Canadian health care’s AI toolkit? (THE GLOBE AND MAIL)

Chances are that artificial intelligence is already helping a hospital near you to diagnose patients or monitor surgeries. But health care has a long, ugly history of racial biases that prevent everyone from getting the best treatment.

The 5-minute shopping spree. How robots are turbo-charging your online orders (GLOBAL NEWS)

Canadian industry is lagging behind global leaders when it comes to automation, according to warehouse automation consultant Ben Angel.

This is how we lost control of our faces (MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW)

The largest ever study of facial-recognition data shows how much the rise of deep learning has fueled a loss of privacy.

mCloud moving HQ to Calgary to bring energy efficiency solution closer to Alberta oil and gas industry (BETAKIT)

mCloud has struck a deal with Invest Alberta to move its headquarters from Vancouver to Calgary to manage Alberta’s oil and gas assets more efficiently.

Two Google engineers resign over firing of AI ethics researcher Timnit Gebru (REUTERS)

The resignations come as workers have demanded commitments to academic freedom and management change in Google’s research organization.

There are spying eyes everywhere — and now they share a brain (WIRED)

Security cameras. License plate readers. Smartphone trackers. Drones. We’re being watched 24/7. What happens when all those data streams fuse into one?

Amazon is using AI-equipped cameras in delivery vans and some drivers are concerned about privacy (CNBC)

The cameras record drivers “100% of the time” while they’re on their route and flag a series of safety infractions, including failure to stop at a stop sign, speeding and distracted driving.

Weights & Biases raises $45M for its machine learning tools (TECHCRUNCH)

Weights & Biases, a startup building tools for machine learning practitioners, is announcing that it has raised $45 million in Series B funding.

Robotic process automation platform UiPath hits a $35bn valuation (SIFTED)

The mega valuation for UiPath comes just months ahead of a planned initial public offering.

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