A|I: The AI Times – Canada’s pledge against AI weaponry

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When it comes to machine learning, is privacy possible? (BETAKIT)

PwC’s Jordan Prokopy explains the risks of failing to adapt to the new realities of AI innovation.

Salesforce Reccommends: AI: Your Sales Teams’ Secret Weapon? (SALESFORCE)

Research shows 75% of teams using AI have increased staff in the last three years. That just proves how important it has become to encourage sales teams to apply their empathy, creativity, and other human qualities to make the best use of the insights they can get from an algorithm. It’s a matter of treating AI as a member of a team.

Artificial intelligence is on the rise — but not without help from humans (CBC)

‘We’ve seen great progress in lab-like settings, but it is hard to actually implement AI in the real world’

Yoshua Bengio among Canadians signing global pledge against AI weaponry (BETAKIT)

Several professors from Canadian universities have signed the letter, in addition to the Vector Institute, Element AI, Clearpath Robotics, and the Canadian Association for Artificial Intelligence.

Tesla is building its own AI chips for self-driving cars (TECHCRUNCH)

“We’ve been in semi-stealth mode on this basically for the last 2 to 3 years,” said Elon Musk. “I think it’s probably time to let the cat out of the bag…”

Singapore’s Antworks raises $15M Series A from SBI Investment (DEALSTREETASIA)

AntWorks has developed an intelligent automation platform, ANTstein, to provide deep automation solutions to enterprises of all sizes.

LG announces partnership with U of T, plans to build AI research lab (FINANCIALPOST)

The five-year deal represents a multi-million dollar commitment, according to LG president Dr. I.P. Park.

University of Waterloo researchers develop AI software to protect water supplies from toxins (BETAKIT)

The researchers are using an AI software that can identify and quantify different types of bacteria and blue-green algae in water as these toxins pose a threat to shut down water systems.

Google’s plans to create censor-friendly products for China are even bigger than we thought (FORTUNE)

According to The Information, Google will create a news aggregation app that uses AI and algorithms to select censor-friendly stories for its users.

Skyline AI raises $18M Series A for its machine learning-based real estate investment tech (TECHCRUNCH)

The strategic funding will allow Skyline AI to add more asset classes to its platform, which uses data science and machine learning algorithms to help institutional investors make better decisions about properties.

Canada’s smartARM team wins Microsoft’s 2018 Imagine Cup (BETAKIT)

As the winners of the Imagine Cup, smartARM will be given a mentoring session with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, $85,000 USD in cash and a $50,000 Azure grant.

AI startup Olive raises $32.8M for robotic process automation (MEDCITYNEWS)

The company’s tool is meant to automate high-volume and repetitive tasks so that a healthcare organization’s employees have more time to focus on other tasks that need human insight.


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