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SnapTravel raises $28 million CAD Series A from Steph Curry, Telstra Ventures

Toronto-based SnapTravel has raised $28 million CAD ($21 million USD), adding $17 million CAD ($13.2 million USD) in new investments to its initial raise of $10.5 million ($8 million USD) in July 2017.


Google’s DeepMind predicts 3D shapes of proteins

Google’s DeepMind outfit has turned its artificial intelligence on one of the toughest problems in science.


Skype launches real-time captions and subtitles

Alongside news that PowerPoint is getting real-time captions and subtitles in 2019, Microsoft announced similar technology is now available in Skype.


Université de Montréal and the Fonds de recherche du Québec launch ethical guidelines for AI

Ethical AI has remained top of mind for the AI community in Canada, including Element AI expanding to London, UK to focus on building ethical AI, and Dr. Yoshua Bengio previously signing a global pledge against AI weaponry.


Self-service data integration firm Workato raises $25M

Self-service data integration vendor Workato Inc. today said it has raised $25 million in new funding to grow its software-as-a-service platform.


Canada and France plan an international panel to assess AI’s dangers

As China and the United States battle to dominate the development of artificial intelligence, Canada and France are asserting themselves as leaders in the escalating ethical debate over the technology.


Forge.ai raises $11 million to help companies structure data and predict outcomes

The money will be used to improve the Forge.ai platform and double the number of employees from 20 to 40 over the next year.


Freeletics raises $45M for its AI-powered mobile fitness coach

One of Europe’s most popular fitness applications is poised to flourish in the U.S. market with the help of several Los Angeles-based investors.


Canada welcomes AI, but not all AI researchers

AI researchers say the visa problems undermine efforts to make their field more inclusive, and less likely to produce technology that discriminates or disadvantages people who aren’t white or Western.


Prime Minister announces $230 million for SCALE.AI supercluster

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau officially announced that $230 million in supercluster funding would be deployed in Quebec’s SCALE.AI.



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