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Facebook is opening an AI lab in Montreal

Joelle Pineau, the co-director of McGill University’s Reasoning and Learning Lab, will lead the lab.


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The entrepreneurs using artificial intelligence to shape the future of the Canadian economy say we have to start preparing for the consequences of machine learning now.


#ElevateAI shares Canada’s AI story: how we led, lost, and are back again

AI pioneers explained how we can prepare the next generation to lead in this industry.

Business Insider

A healthcare startup has raised $30 million for its ‘Sophia’ AI

Sophia Genetics, which has built a software platform that can help to diagnose patients by analysing genetic data, raised the funds from Balderton Capital, with participation from Belgian pharmaceutical entrepreneur Mark Coucke and Invoke Capital.


Slack partners with ServiceNow to bring machine learning into chat app

Slack will launch an app this fall that provides ServiceNow with a Slack channel. In the spring, ServiceNow’s new software will enable its customers to approve or deny Slack automated processes, using machine learning.


DeepLearni.ng raises $9 million Series A to bring AI to enterprise

The company wants to scale international expansion with a focus on the financial industry.

National Post

This Silicon Valley startup wants to replace lawyers with robots

Walking into Atrium’s sleek, 34-person offices in San Francisco’s design district is in some ways like stepping into the prototype for a law firm of the future.

Huffington Post

Apple just put machine learning in your pocket

Think of what the iPod did for music. Think of what the iPhone camera did for photography. Now think of what the iPhone X will do for machine learning or, rather, what iPhone X developers and customers will do with machine learning.


Researchers turn to AI to flag signs of mental illness online

Computer scientists at the University of Ottawa are turning to artificial intelligence to search for signs of mental illness among users of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Sam:) acquired by New York-based AI chatbot Hugging Face

Sam:) launched in 2015 with the original mission of connecting strangers based on common interests.


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