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TD acquires Layer 6 in Canadian AI talent grab(BETAKIT)

Layer 6 will help the banking giant in a few areas: delivering more personalized experiences to customers, automating processes, and making sense of the financial institution’s vast amounts of data to identify new opportunities.

Building tomorrow’s city of the present (RBC)

Cities are data factories: by one estimate, the average North American citizen creates more than 500 megabytes of data per day. Sidewalk Labs says it wants to harness that data to build a better city.

Google and others are building AI systems that doubt themselves (TECHNOLOGYREVIEW)

AI will make better decisions by embracing uncertainty.

Unbabel raises $23M for its ‘AI-powered, human-refined’ translation platform(TECHCRUNCH)

The round is led by Scale Venture Partners, with participation from Microsoft Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, Samsung Next, Notion Capital, Caixa Capital, and Funders Club.

DeepMind’s Mustafa Suleyman: In 2018, AI will gain a moral compass (WIRED)

The ethics of artificial intelligence must be central to its development.

Machine learning engineer among Indeed’s jobs to watch in 2018(BETAKIT)

There is also a demand for technical recruiters as more companies seek tech talent.

Waymo’s self-driving Chrysler Pacifica begins testing in San Francisco(TECHCRUNCH)

The former Google self-driving car company has now tested its autonomous vehicles in 24 cities across the US.

Doctors will have to be more like actors as AI gains momentum: Zocdoc CEO (CNBC)

Zocdoc’s founder, who developed software that lets consumers book medical appointments online, said there’s going to be a shift in the type of personalities attracted to medicine as machines start doing things like diagnosing medical conditions by analyzing scans.

Veritone acquires Atigeo assets to process unstructured data with rules-based AI(VENTUREBEAT)

Atigeo’s technology will be used to improve Veritone’s conductor technology, which takes in user data and then finds a set of machine learning engines that are best suited for solving a particular problem like image recognition.

DeepLearni.ng joins NVIDIA partner network as first Canadian partner(BETAKIT)

The company raised a $9 million Series A in September 2017 to invest in more resources, hardware, and scale international expansion.

ObEN raises $10M to build AI-powered copies of real people for hospitality and retail(SILICONANGLE)

ObEN, which builds virtual avatars powered by artificial intelligence, raised the funds from Hong Kong’s K11 Art Foundation.

Microsoft partners with Adaptive Biotech on AI-driven blood test to diagnose dozens of diseases at once(GEEKWIRE)

Both companies will work in collaboration to develop a new blood screening test enabling medical professionals to diagnose a number of diseases in one sole screening, and improve the ongoing treatment in chronic diseases such as cancer.

Canadian government to use AI to search social media and predict suicides(BETAKIT)

Advanced Symbolics, the firm the government is working with, says that AI could offer a two to three-month warning before a spike in suicide occurs.


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