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Ontario gov’t investing $30 million in Vector Institute as part of Amazon HQ bid (BETAKIT)

The province also wants to boost the number of STEM grads to 50,000 per year.

RBC RECOMMENDS: How to innovate like a surfer dude(RBC)

Like a lot of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Rob Nail, CEO and co-founder of Singularity University, knows how to run a business and ride a wave. He says the skill sets are pretty similar.

BuddyGuard raises €3.4M for its home security camera powered by AI(TECHCRUNCH)

BuddyGuard raised the funds from Bachmann Group, with participation from over 20 unnamed angel investors across Europe.

Intel and Facebook are collaborating on artificial intelligence technology(FORTUNE)

Intel has unveiled the Nervana Neural Network Processor (NNP), a chip three years in the making that’s designed expressly for AI and deep learning, and Facebook is working with Intel to bring the Nervana NNP to market.

Leaders in the scientific community join Element AI (BETAKIT)

Element AI said Dr. Denis Therien and Dr. Valérie Bécaert will support its goal of strengthening academic collaboration, and support in-house fundamental research to make AI accessible to all organizations.

Machine learning could lead to economic hypergrowth, new research suggests (CNBC)

If rapidly-improving artificial intelligence can provide the markets with innovations to improve the workplace, some jobs could see skyrocketing wage growth while others could become obsolete.

Cisco to buy Perspica and fold engineering team into AppDynamics(TECHCRUNCH)

Cisco announced that it intends to acquire Perspica, which aims to apply machine learning to large amounts of operations data.

The latest AI can work things out without being taught(THE ECONOMIST)

In a paper just published, DeepMind has unveiled AlphaGo Zero, which has managed to teach itself the game Go without recourse to human experts at all.

Security workforce manager TrackTik raises $7 million(BETAKIT)

TrackTik, which uses AI to help clients cut overhead, reduce staff overtime and run more responsive operations, said it has a record revenue growth of 826 percent.

BBC will use machine learning to cater to what audiences want to watch(THEVERGE)

BBC’s R&D team is partnering up with data scientists and experts from UK universities to analyze user data and apply algorithms to get marketing and media insights about audiences’ preferences.

Feedzai closes $50M Series C to help banks and merchants identify fraud with AI(TECHCRUNCH)

The funding was led by an unnamed VC with additional capital from Sapphire Ventures.


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