Today in company updates: Bridgit announces new CRO, Element AI brings on key hires


This week, several startups have made announcements launching new features and partnerships. Here’s the latest on company updates.

TruRating integrates into CT-Payment POS terminals in Canada

TruRating and CT-Payment have partnered to integrate TruRating’s customer rating solution into CT-Payment’s POS terminals in Canada.

This marks the Canadian launch of TruRating’s retail feedback app, which has collected five million pieces of data collected in the UK and Australia.

The series of questions presented to customers at the time of payment rotates, allowing merchants to gather a variety of information, including experience, value, product, and likelihood to recommend. The customers are also given the option of rating their experience on a scale of zero to nine. Activating TruRating also enables merchants to add their own questions and ratings on a dashboard.

“We are pleased to have partnered with TruRating. They are truly an innovative feedback platform that gives merchants a secure, simple way to collect consumer ratings” said Denis Robert, CEO of CT-Payment. “Through the integration with our payment application Canadian merchants now have access to a valuable tool that can help them understand their business performance and identify growth potential opportunities”.

Bridgit announces new CRO

Bridgit, which offers a construction project management platform, announced that Sean Erjavec is its new CRO.

Erjavec will be taking this leadership role after 10 months as Bridgit’s EVP sales.

“Our software has seen major improvements in 2017, including the launch of our Android app and our data-driven Project Insights feature,” said Mallorie Brodie, Bridgit’s co-founder and CEO. “Now we’re ready to push our revenue growth even further. Given his experience and successes at other tech startups, Sean will be a powerful leader for our team.”

“When I joined Bridgit, I knew this startup had massive potential.”

Erjavec has global experience in the technology and business sector, and has worked as a CRO for Toronto-based Polar. He moved from New York City to the Kitchener-Waterloo tech scene in January 2017, and the company said that he’s been responsible for onboarding key American enterprises to the platform.

“When I joined Bridgit, I knew this startup had massive potential,” said Erjavec. “This year, we’ve seen some great success in American markets. But this is only the beginning—by uniting Bridgit’s sales, marketing, and customer success efforts, I’m excited to drive the company even further.”

Leaders in the scientific community join Element AI

Element AI, which helps companies adopt AI solutions, announced that Dr. Denis Therien and Dr. Valérie Bécaert will join its team.

The company says that Therien and Bécaert will support its goal of strengthening academic collaboration, and support in-house fundamental research to make AI accessible to all organizations.

“Connecting fundamental research to real business challenges is key to being a world leader in AI.”

Therien is the former CIFAR (Canadian Institute for Advanced Research) VP of research and partnerships, served as VP of Research and International Relations at McGill University from 2005 to 2010 and was awarded a James McGill Chair in 2002. He has published over 100 research articles on computational complexity in top-tier journals.

“Leaving academia for the private sector is an extraordinary step in my career,” said Therien. “Element AI’s novel view of enabling business to interact with the research community is the perfect balance to achieve the next level of my career and continue giving back to the larger academic community. I am very excited to play an important part in redefining and solidifying this new model of collaboration.”

Bécaert was director of CIRAIG, an international centre of expertise on life cycle analysis, co-founder of CIRODD, the interdisciplinary centre for the operationalization of sustainable development, and the director of partnerships at the Institute of Data Valorization (IVADO).

“I strongly believe that connecting strong fundamental research to real business challenges is the key to being a world leader in AI,” said Dr. Bécaert. “Over the last two years, I extended the reach of Montreal’s hub to build strong relationships and networks. Element AI is setting the pace in Montreal’s AI hub, and there is much to do. I am ecstatic to be part of this amazing team.”


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